About Steven Hyatt

Steven Hyatt is a photographer and printer based in Charleston, SC. Here you can see various galleries of his work including his project photographing churches around the world. In addition to his photography Steven is also president of a quality centric printing business called Imaging Arts Printing. He is available for both photography and printing services and is especially interested in special projects. Please contact him about anything to which you think he may be able to add something or see uniquely.

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The Churches Of The World Project

In early 2009 my interests in photography and spirituality found common ground while standing in the historic Unitarian Church on Archdale Street in Charleston, SC. I realized that despite Charleston’s abundance of beautiful churches rarely did people actually experience them collectively. I also discovered that few modern collective photographic representations of them could be found. From there I set out to photograph Charleston’s churches. As time passed the project grew into what is today The Churches Of The World.

Imaging Arts Fine Printing

Imaging Arts Printing

Imaging Arts Printing is a quality centric printing business located in Charleston, SC.  We specialize in printing your photos or other artwork on canvas or a variety of quality photo papers. In short, we print for anyone who has something they want to look nice to hang in their home, give as a gift, enter into a competition, show in a gallery, offer for sale, etc. We also offer photographic reproduction and giclee prints of paintings, photo restoration, film and slide scanning, and stretcher bar building. Learn more on the Imaging Arts Printing website.



Camera Design: Tools Can Be Beautiful

Anyone who knows me knows that I love photography. This is probably why I am both a photographer and a printer. Since I was a child I enjoyed making things. When I was around 15 or 16 I decided to get a camera as another means of creating. I had no idea at that time that photography would end up being one of the only consistent things in my life over the coming years. Shortly after I began taking photos I also got interested in cameras themselves. Luckily I got into photography before digital cameras were readily available and so I got to learn completely on film. This also meant that it was rather easy to buy much older cameras and use them just as I would any other camera, film being more readily available at the time. By the time I was 19 I had some 215 cameras in my room on custom built shelves or spinning displays that I got from department stores that no longer needed them. When I moved to Charleston at age 20 I unfortunately decided to part with the majority of my camera collection. Yeah, bad move. Still, I hung on to many of them because, in addition to photography, I also love design and there are some truly beautifully designed cameras out there. It’s an interesting idea to me that a camera can not only create beautiful things but can also be a beautiful creation in itself; tools can be both functional and beautiful. A camera is the tool which photographers use to capture light, but can’t it be fun to use a...