The Center For Birds Of Prey just outside of Charleston, SC is a wonderful place. Home to a fantastic avian medical clinic, they also have great educational outreach programs and participate in important conservation efforts. You can also see some great flight demonstrations with birds you may never have a chance to see if not for the Center. Should you find yourself in Charleston it is well worth a visit.

On two separate occasions the Center has allowed me to come to their facility, set up a studio, and photograph portraits of their birds. The results are some of my favorite work I’ve ever created. For me, each bird seems to have its own personality that comes through in its portraits. Using a very simple lighting setup the birds are sat down in front of the camera and allowed to “be themselves” for a few minutes. Surprisingly, most birds react very little to not at all to the flashes of light. The images have been used numerous times for various educational and awareness raising purposes. They are a nice union of being able to create while at the same time do some good.