In the summer of 2012 I got in touch with the lovely people at The Center For Birds Of Prey and told them that I had an idea: I would like to set up a studio in their space and take human style portraits of their birds. I was beyond excited when they responded favorably and told me I was welcome to come out and do as I pleased.

Just over 2 years later in November of 2014 I went back out to the center and did the same thing again, set up a studio and photographed portraits of the birds, yet with a different set of birds than before.

From the time I did the first shoot I was hoping to do something with these images beyond simply posting them on my website. After the second shoot I knew I had enough good material that something needed to be done with the final product.

I emailed the center shortly after the second shoot and proposed the idea of us doing some sort of show together. I’d print up the images and they could in some way get involved and perhaps it could be used to help raise some money for them. They emailed me back with a better response than I could have hoped for. Not only did they like the idea of doing a show, but they wanted to do the show at their annual fundraising gala and raffle off the prints with all of the proceeds going towards their cause.

I’m pleased to say that some three plus years after my first visit to the Center the photos will finally get to see use in printed form while at the same time supporting an organization doing great work to protect our birds.

If you would like to attend the gala, Migration To Memminger, then you can get more information or purchase tickets here.

If you would like to go ahead and buy a raffle ticket for any of the images (your money goes to a good cause even if you don’t win) then you can do that here. You can purchase raffle tickets and win one of the high quality metal prints even if you don’t attend the gala itself.

Below are the photos that will be featured and raffled off at the event (and you can see the entire gallery from both photo shoots here).

Thanks again to The Center For Birds Of Prey for the work you do and for allowing me to participate in my own small way.